Four Ways a Home Inspector Can Help Homeowners

If you’re planning to buy a home, understand that a home inspection is a crucial part of any home-buying process. Knowing the condition and state of the home you want to purchase will inform your decision on whether or not to go ahead with the deal. You don’t want to be caught up with surprises with the home you’re buying. Hiring a home inspector will help you know if there are any issues with the electrical features, heating and cooling systems, roofing system, structural elements, and the plumbing system.

One of the things a home inspector does is to evaluate the entire home and identify any health and safety issues. Home inspectors professionals who, after the evaluation and inspection process, will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report highlighting the areas of concern and any issues with the home. A qualified home inspector will offer you with the following:

Maintenance Inspections

Most of the structural problems or other major repairs experienced in homes can always be prevented when identified early. Preventing a problem is better than dealing with it when it has occurred. If you want to save money and prevent major problems in your home, you must invest in preventative maintenance. Hiring home inspection services will help you identify areas or structural elements that have issues that need to be addressed. Addressing these small issues will prevent major problems in the long run.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Well, there comes a time when you want to move to a new neighborhood. You’re always excited about the move, don’t you? You’ll want to find a buyer to purchase your home even as you move out. It’s important that you know the state and condition of your home before listing it on the market. That’s where home inspection services come in. A home inspector will evaluate your home and inform you about the areas that need repairs. Focusing on major repairs can improve the value of your home thereby benefiting the sale of the home.

Home Inspector Expert Witness Services

We’ve all been in a situation where we have issues or rather complaints against someone else, right? Before you seek legal action for that issue, you may consider hiring home inspection services to serve as a witness. Of course, the concerns are supposed to be about your home. A home inspection service will inspect the issue or concern before providing a written report of the complaint and acting as an expert witness for that matter. 

Have you ever needed work done on your home but did have a clue how to fix it?  Well most of us fall into that category.  We want to fix things on our own because it will not cost as much right?  Well after some thought we decide it is best to have a professional do the work for us to make sure it is done correctly.  At least that is what we all hope.  How do we really know if the professional has done a good job.  And how do we know they followed the proper procedure and regulations for a particular job. 

Well that is what the home inspector can help the home owner with.  The home inspector knows the proper way to repair or replace many components of a home.  There are many ways to repair different things but most times there is only one proper way.  Most times the proper procedure costs the most money for materials.  Sometimes the hired contractor will try to repair something so that it does not cost too much money for their out of pocket materials but that does not mean it was repaired properly or that it will last long. 

The home inspector can often times tell what type of material has been used and how it was repaired.  The home inspector will be able to tell you if it was done properly and if the correct materials were used.  This can help the home own to make sure the hired contractor did a good job and any repairs were done properly and safely.  If you are in need of some repairs for your home please make sure they are done correctly and safely.  To be sure the work you have done on your home is safe and properly done please contact a home inspector at valley home inspectors.

Home Repair Evaluations

At times, after some work has been done by a professional service, you may still have concerns with the way everything was done. You don’t have the peace of mind even after the repair work has been completed. In such situations, hiring home inspection services will help determine if the work was done professionally and efficiently. If there were any short-cuts done, a home inspector would tell. He will provide you with a written report and photos showing where the repairs weren’t done correctly.

Are you trying to sell your home?  A home inspection will give you a great head start.  Did you have work completed on your home and not sure if it was done correctly?  The home inspector will list the current condition of your home and recommend if repairs should be done.  The home inspector can many times tell you if a expert if needed for certain repairs.  They can also tell you if the repairs were done properly.

If you are the person selling your home this checklist that the home inspector completes can help you to fix major or minor problems with the home prior to placing the home on the market.  In these cases the home can many times sell quickly which is great for the home owner and the buyer.

If you are the person buying a home it is very important to have a home inspection completed prior to purchase. This helps to eliminate any surprises down the road that can be very expensive.  As a home buyer you do not want to fall in love with a home and purchase it prior to finding out the foundation is crumbling right and it needs a new septic system right?   When you have a proper home inspection done you can rest assured you and your family are making a great decision when it comes to buying a new home.

If you want to make sure the home you are selling or looking to purchase is in good condition click here.