It’s highly important to have a thorough understanding of what SEO truly is for increased website traffic and brand awareness. To stay updated,you need a lot of research,experimentation,and advanced SEO training. Because Google’s algorithms change constantly,you have to be alert whenever a new update comes out. With the right amount of knowledge and practice,becoming your own SEO expert is definitely within reach. So,here are some advanced SEO techniques you need to implement to see better results:

Understand what your users want and need

Here’s one thing you need to keep in mind: Google is a huge data company,not an advertising one. Everything that they design â from tools to platforms â are all aimed towards a single objective: get user data in order to build a better,more effective search engine. So,think of your business as a huge data company as well. Learn what your target customers are looking for and develop the right content that will attract them.

Create a mobile-friendly website

In 2016,Google announced an update in which the organic search result rankings of mobile-friendly websites will experience a significant boost. This is highly understandable,given that over 60 percent of searches conducted daily are done through mobile devices. It has beocme extremely important to have a website that not only looks visually appealing,but also works well on any mobile device. A responsive website is no longer just a luxury â it has become the standard for all e-commerce sites.

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